Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bangladesh court faces judge shortage, hampering justice

Bangladesh Supreme Court's Appellate Division, the highest appeal court, is currently facing acute shortage of judges and at the same time huge backlog of cases, said a source in the country.

Only three judges, including the recently appointed Chief Justice, are on duty now at the Appellate Division, said the source.

While 6,982 cases are pending before the division, but at least six posts of judges are vacant here.

The Appellate Division’s first two senior judges, superseded while appointing the new CJ ABM Khairul Haque, are on leave now, according to the source.

Senior most Judge Md Abdul Matin reportedly sought leave of absence up to December 25. He is scheduled to go on retirement on December 26 this year.

Second senior most Judge Shah Abu Nayeem Mominur Rahman reportedly sought leave of absence up to January 27. He will go on retirement on November 18 next year.

The other two judges of the division are Justice Md Muzammel Hossain and Justice Surandra Kumar Sinha.

Shortage of judges here is delaying disposal of cases, increasing the sufferings of the justice seekers, specially the poor, and ultimately depriving them of justice.

Now, it is urgent to elevate the HC judges to the Appellate Division to ensure justice and decreasing sufferings of the people, lawyers of the court said.


  1. Ohh so big number of backlogged cases!!

    Appreciatable report. The should take initiative to appoint judges to the highest court in the interest of ensuring justice for all and of decreasing backlog of the cases.

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