Saturday, 9 October 2010

Imams disagree with HC order on burqa, cap

BURQA Imams of the mosques across the country on Friday sharply disagreed with some recent judgments of the High Court for hurting religious sentiments of the Muslims.
They termed the judgments as against Islamic ideology while delivering their Khutba (sermons) at the Juma prayers.

According to sources, the Imams urged the Government to refrain from taking any step against religious sentiments saying, "Nobody has right to change Islamic rules, given by Almighty Allah."

The HC recently passed several judgments regarding not to force any body to wear burqa (veil) and cap.

The Imam of West Tejturi Bazar Masjid said the Government whatever its party background cannot survive, if it takes stand against Islam.

He urged the concerned judges to reconsider their orders passed against the Islamic ideology.

He prayed to Almighty Allah so that the authorities can understand Islamic rules in real sense.

The Imam of Shahidia Baitun Noor Masjid in Malibagh also criticised the Government steps saying it is trying to stop eve teasing, but at the same time taking stand against wearing veil, which saves the women from stalkers.

They make the 'Musallis' understand that Islam supports not to force anybody to convert into Islam; but when any person accepts Islam as his own religion, he is obliged to follow all rules of Islam.

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