Saturday, 14 May 2011

Constitution Amendment : PM for following SC verdict on CG

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday urged the parliamentary special committee to prepare its final report on future constitutional amendments following the recent Supreme Court verdict.
The verdict declared the caretaker government system illegal.

The committee will eventually place its report along with a draft bill for bringing changes to the constitution in the next parliament session that begins on May 22.

The committee had a marathon meeting with the prime minister at Gono Bhaban last night. The meeting discussed the SC judgement with the prime minister who wanted to learn more about different aspects of the judgement.

The two-and-a-half-hour-long meeting discussed a draft report which the committee made based on opinions given by people invited to talks on constitutional amendment.

The committee's overall progress, the SC judgement, the main opposition BNP's “rejection” of the verdict and the current political situation were also discussed, meeting sources told The Daily Star.

Hasina told the meeting that the committee has to follow the SC verdict and asked it to prepare the final report with the judgement as its primary base.

“We uphold the judgement and we must follow it,” the prime minister was quote by Rashed Khan Menon, a member of the committee.

Menon said they would soon complete the report and hand it over to the prime minister after she returns from Switzerland. Hasina is scheduled to leave Dhaka for Switzerland on a five-day visit early tomorrow.

On her return, she is expected to sit with the committee again for final touches to the report before it is placed in parliament very early in the next session.

Meanwhile, the committee members seemed to be split yesterday over what to do with the caretaker government system. While one group suggested removing the provision from the constitution, others objected saying it would create political turmoil which the government could do without.

The premier listened to the debate but gave no opinion of her own.

She said BNP can express different opinions but cannot reject the apex court's verdict.
Daily Star 

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