Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Over 2500 citizens in Indian jails; No govt steps to bring them back

The government is yet to bring back 189 Bangladeshi citizenslanguishing in different jails in India even after having the High Courtdirectives in this regard.

The HC on July 12 directed the government to submit adetailed report on the same within 30 days.
Earlier on November 1 last year, the HC also directed thegovernment to inform it within 30 days what steps it had taken to bring backthe 2,500 Bangladeshis who were serving terms in different jails in the Indianstate of Paschimbanga.
Among the 2,500 Bangladeshis, some 587 have alreadycompleted their jail terms at least four to five years ago but the government isyet to take any step to bring them back home, sources said.
The HC orders were passed following public interestlitigations (PIL) filed by Supreme Court lawyer Shahidul Islam.
The lawyer told The New Nation on Saturday that threeseparate petitions were filed to bring back 156 Bangladeshi citizens fromBahrampur jails, 2,500 from Paschimbanga jails and 189 from Andaman-Nikobarjails. Only some citizens from Bahrampur jails were brought, he said.
Shahidul hoped that the government would take effective measuresto bring back all the Bangladeshi citizens languishing in the Indian jails assoon as possible.
He further said he would move the matter before the HighCourt after the apex court reopens on October 9.
On July 12, the HC bench comprising Justices Mirza HossainHaider and Md Nuruzzaman asked the government to submit a report within 30 dayson what steps it has taken to bring back 189 Bangladeshi citizens fromAndaman-Nikobar jails in India.
In March last year, another HC bench issued a rule askingthe government to explain within two weeks as to why it would not be directedto bring back 156 Bangladeshi citizens detained in Bahrampur Central Jail inPaschimbanga. 

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