Sunday, 18 December 2011

Monitoring failure leads to secret killings

High-ups of the law-enforcing agencies have failed to monitor activities of their forces, some of them are allegedly being involved with major crimes like abduction, silent killing and collecting bribe money from people.
Rapid Action Battalion (RAB),Detective Branch (DB) of police, and police forces have some political posting at the lower tier who are allegedly involved in these crimes, informed sources said.

The elite force - RAB - has been formed with 14 battalion and sub battalions. The sub battalions have severalteams and are headed by sub inspectors.
RAB is a source-based elite forceand it has to depend on the lower class officials since they maintain sources.
If a RAB team abducted someone and killed him with the help of sources, the incident went beyond the knowledge of the high officials of the elite force, sources added.  
Officers must pay bribes in order to be posted to those places like RAB and lucrative posts and the amount is determined by the rank of the job-seeker and the possibilities of income from the targeted posting.
The recipients of bribes also include bureaucrats in the ministries, parliamentarians of the concerned constituencies and influential local politicians, added the informed sources.
They added these illegal pacts led to the raise of such crimes like abduction, secret killing and collectionof bribes. Police said they have recovered 20 bodies the last eleven days. Onewas an opposition activist but it was unclear who the rest were. At least 100people disappeared between January 2010 and November 2011.
Meanwhile, the security forces have rejected accusations of their involvement, after allegations that the plain-clothed law enforcers had detained some people.
According to the local human rights group Odhikar, most victims are opposition political activists, but someare victims of criminal feuds or business rivalries.
"What is alarming is that the families of the victims have told us that members of Rapid Action Battalion... or police took their relatives. And they never returned,"Odhikar secretary Adilur Rahman Khan said.
The organisation asserts that only a fraction of the real number of disappearances are officially recognised.
On Wednesday the head of the state-run national Human Rights Commission said the government has to provethat its law-enforcement agencies are not involved in the higher number of disappearances.
Media reports on Wednesday said the bodies of 20 men found with their hands tied near the capital Dhaka had marks of head wounds. 

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