Monday, 11 April 2011

Constitutional Amendment

Suranjit seeks BNP opinion

Co-chair of the parliamentary special committee on constitutional amendment Suranjit Sengupta yesterday urged BNP leaders to come before the special committee to give their opinions in amending the constitution in consensus.

“Come and talk to the committee anytime,” Suranjit urged the main opposition leaders at a discussion at Bilia auditorium in the city organised by Ekatturer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee.

He criticised BNP leaders who voice their concern on the constitution's amendment at different rallies, seminars and roundtable discussions but do not want to talk with the parliamentary committee.
Suranjit said they are working to bring necessary changes in the constitution based on reality and would recommend incorporation of some constitutional documents, which were initially not included.
Suranjit, also a leader of the ruling Awami League, however, did not give any clear answer to questions of whether the provision of secularism and rights of practicing religion based politics will be kept together.
Some discussants said keeping the two in the constitution would be contradictory and conflicting.
Workers Party of Bangladesh President Rashed Khan Menon said the present government assumed office with people's mandate to bring the constitution of 1972, written considering the spirit of War of Liberation.
Executive President of Nirmul Committee Shahriar Kabir said people want to get back the constitution of 1972 and it should be done according to court verdicts.
Keeping the two contradictory provisions together will be nothing but a kind of hypocrisy, he said, adding that it would not be acceptable to keep anything in the constitution in conflict with the spirit of War of Liberation.
Law Affairs Secretary of Nirmul Committee Dr Turin Afroz and Justice Syed Ameerul Islam spoke at the programme, presided over by National Prof Kabir Chowdhury.
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