Monday, 11 April 2011

Law minister for reprinting of the constitution as per CJ’s opinion

Saturday, 02 October 2010
Minister for law and parliamentary affairs Shafique Ahmed has said  that he was in full agreement  with the opinion of the chief justice ABM  Khairul Haque  with regards to the reprinting of the Constitution as per the judgment of the fifth amendment. 

Talking to ‘The Independent’ yesterday the law minister said, “The day the judgment was signed, the provisions of the (original) Constitution, was revived because all the constitutional amendments especially the fifth amendment, was declared void by a judgment of the highest court of the country.”

“The previous provisions of the Constitution therefore stood restored,” the Law minister added.
He said reprinting the Constitution will bring the Constitution to its previous position.

On Thursday chief justice Khairul Haque urged the law ministry to reprint the original Constitution, which contains provisions that were reestablished after the judgment on the fifth amendment to the Constitution.
Meanwhile, eminent constitutional expert Rafiqul Huq has backed the Government. Speaking to ‘The Independent’ yesterday he said, “The day the judgment was pronounced repealing the fifth amendment it shall be deemed to have become a part of the Constitution.” Accordingly, he said the Constitution has to be reprinted.

Huq who is one of the invitees to the parliamentary special committee for constitutional amendment said, “Exactly this was done in Article 100 of the Constitution, when the
appellate division declared 8th amendment as null and void.” 

He said the issue of reprinting the Constitution would be raised at the meeting of the parliamentary special committee for constitutional amendment  scheduled on October 12.

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