Saturday, 15 January 2011

'Amended law to gear up judiciary'

The government has planned to amend the criminal and civil procedure to infuse dynamism into the judiciary, the law minister has said.

"Trial of any case has to be finished within the shortest possible time to remove the harassment of justice seekers and that will be possible once the criminal and civil procedure is amended," Shafique Ahmed said on Saturday.

He was addressing a seminar titled 'Law Professionals' Ethics' organised by South Asian Institute of Advanced Legal and Human Rights Studies (SAILS).

Shafique said the government was planning to include in the criminal and civil procedure the Alternative Dispute Resolution and a timeline for completing each trial.

The minister said people were getting denied fair justice due to delay in trial. "The situation has reached such a stage as the judges and lawyers are least bothered about their duties."

Urging the lawyers to abide by ethics, Shafique said the legal profession needed honest, skilled and competent people to get over the situation. "The Bar Council should be careful while issuing certificates to the lawyers for practice," he added.

He also suggested including ethics into the curricula of the universities where legal subjects are taught.

About the financial insecurity of lawyers, the law minister said there were benevolent funds for them in the Bar Council and Bar Association. "There is no financial insecurity of the lawyers as they are given financial support from the funds."

SAILS president Kamal Hossain also urged the Bar Council to be careful while issuing certificates to lawyers. Nepotism and partisan attitude must be discarded in this regard, he said.

He also emphasised the need for setting up a university in South Asia to study laws.
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