Thursday, 5 May 2011

SC dismisses Yunus petition

The Supreme Court on May 5 dismissed two petitions filed in connection with Dr Muhammad Yunus' removal from the post of managing director at Grameen Bank.

The seven-member bench of the Appellate Division headed by Chief Justice ABM Khairul Haque passed the order at about 10:20am.

The order came following conclusion of hearing on the two petitions -- one filed by Yunus and another by nine directors of Grameen Bank – on Tuesday.

Yunus sought withdrawal of the SC order on April 5 that dismissed his leave-to-appeal petition against the High Court verdict upholding the Bangladesh Bank order removing him from the post.

The other petition was filed on April 3 by nine Grameen Bank directors challenging the HC verdict.

Dr Kamal Hussain, counsel for Dr Yunus, said his client came to the SC to get remedy against the HC judgement. “We did not get remedy from the SC. Where will we go now for the remedy?”

In his reaction, Dr Kamal said, “We have to see on which ground the SC passed the order. If it made similar observation with the HC, I have to a take admission to a university again for learning constitutional laws of the 21st century newly.”

Barrister Rokanuddin Mahmud, another counsel for Dr Yunus, said they will file a review petition with the apex court against its order after obtaining the copy of the order.

Counsel for the nine GB directors, Barrister Sara Hussain said they are apprehending whether there is rule of law or rule of power in the country.

Attorney General Mahabubey Alam said Dr Yunus has no right to hold the office of GB MD following the SC order.

One of the directors, Rozina Begum talking to reporters demanded that the government appoint Dr Yunus as chairman of the Board of Directors of Grameen Bank.

Yunus, 71, was fighting the legal battle since early March when the central bank dismissed him as Grameen Bank Managing director saying he has violated the organisation's retirement rules.

Yunus called the order illegal and went to the High Court which ruled against him upholding the central bank's order.

He also lost when he sought a leave-to-appeal in the SC.

The court passed the order on Thursday after the Nobel laureate again appealed to the SC seeking a review and withdrawal of its decision
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